Caribbean Windows

We have spent years combining the best features of window design to produce a well-crafted window that takes advantage of modern technology. Our windows are designed with a thermal break to help reduce heat loss and heat buildup through convection. Each window is thoroughly weather-stripped to help control water and air infiltration. These combined features help to provide you with a window that has a higher condensation resistance than most other prime windows, and also helps improve the value of your home. 

Unlike normal windows, thermally broken windows reduce the transfer of unwanted heat in summer and heat loss in winter. This can have a very positive impact on both your heating and cooling costs and the environment. Thermally broken windows also offer a high degree of acoustic insulation. Noise infiltration is minimized through the use of the highest standard of sealing possible.

Product Features

  • Clean lines that keep a traditional look
  • Sash Tilts for easy cleaning (inside the home)
  • Multiple Colors to choose from
  • Matching Hardware for all colors
  • 7/8" insulated glass
  • Double-hung
  • Heavy duty fin sealed
  • Custom Fit
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Low Energy  
  • Argon
  • Double Strength Glass