Vinyl Siding

We are an authorized dealer of Variform CSL600 vinyl siding. 

On the surface, the CSL600 Exterior System might look like ordinary vinyl siding, but that “first look” resemblance can be very misleading. It’s what we put behind and into our product that distances the CS600 Exterior System from the competition.

Product Features:  

  • Full Back Insulated Siding: CSL600 Exterior System features a foam insulated backing to help you reduce heating and cooling bills. Versus non-insulated vinyl siding, it can increase the energy-efficiency of your home by as much as 20%.
  • Impact Resistant: How tough is CSL600? It’s an exterior system designed to resist dents and scratches from kids playing baseball, debris from lawnmowers, hail and other occurrences that can mar a siding’s surface.
  • Wind Resistant: You have probably seen the damaging effects high winds can have on a home. This is especially true in areas known for severe storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. The CSL600 Exterior System gives your home added protection against extreme weather conditions. It’s designed to resist winds exceeding 200 mph that can cause other siding materials to blow off the wall.
  • Fade Resistant: You have probably seen homes where the surface color has faded or discolored. This condition is caused by the sun’s ultra violet rays. The CSL600 Exterior System features colorhold, UV stable acrylic polymer that has excellent fade-resistant properties. This means the color of siding you select and have installed will retain its original beauty for years to come. With colorhold fade resistant protection you can even choose the richer, darker hues that are not available in other siding lines because of their susceptibility to fading.
  • Low Maintenance: Because the siding is solid, color-through vinyl, the CSL600 Exterior System never needs to be refinished. This means you save money by never having to scrape, sand or pain, ever again.
  • Our natural resources are precious and dwindling rapidly. Wood and some composite siding not only require the harvesting of trees, they also need to be finished and maintained with paints, sealants, stains, and chemical treatments. These maintenance materials can be potentially harmful to humans and the environment. The CSL600 Exterior products are formulated and manufactured with reusable materials that require virtually no maintenance treatments.

Environmentally Friendly

  • The CSL600 Exterior System provides incremental insulating r-values to the exterior walls, and may decrease air infiltration. This can help improve energy-efficiency so that you home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Energy Efficient

  • Your CSL600 Exterior System will look as well years down the road as it does the day it’s first installed. Other competitive vinyl siding products can’t match this strong warranty promise.

Fade Protection

  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is our commitment to homeowners that CS600 Exterior System will perform, year after year after year.

Lifetime Warranty

Wrap your home in a blanket of added protection with The Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System and we’ll back you up all the way.